The GOG Experience

Sample Agenda

11:30 Check-in and Open Networking
Visit… Marketplaces, Everybody Networks Table, Grab a Drink, Get GOG Gear, Take pics, Post on Social, Meet Someone New…

12:05 Welcome + First timers
– This month’s focus
– Mini Socials: 1 on 1 plus 1 – Random Match Up Bag
– New Gal Gifts and recognition
-“I Read the Email” Drawing

12:15 Meet Your Marketplaces!

12:20 Sponsor Spotlight

12:25 Introductions
What’s Your Name, What’s Your Business and the answer to our “Getting to Know You” question of the month… (question changes every month)


12:55 Shout Outs! Celebrate Success!

1:05 GOG Gear Drawing Give something away… Get more visibility!

1:15 Rapid Fire Upcoming Events & Special Offers
What’cha got going on that we should know about?

1:20 New Gal/Referral Drawing
Mini-Socials Match Up

1:25 Meeting Wrap Up
Birthdays, Business Tip of the month and Next Meeting Info

1:30 Adjourn
Visit marketplaces, stick around to continue networking, socializing and getting to know each other.

Remember… build the relationship, the busines will come.

Whether it’s your very first meeting or your one hundred sixty-ninth*, whether it’s been years since you attended or just last month, you’re welcomed with warmth, open arms and a bright smile. You’ll immediately have a sense of belonging and many have said even after just their first time attending that they felt “at home”.

Though coming to a meeting in person is the best way to get the true “GOG Experience”, you can read more about our founding and philosophy in the ABOUT sections, but for now here’s a quick synopsis…

All Gals Welcome – GOGs embraces gals at any stage of business, from just starting out to seasoned business professionals and even those “in transition”. The “Ol'” in Good Ol’ Gals doesn’t mean “old”. Those who come range in age from 18 to 80+ and come from all walks of life.

We have only ONE RULE at GOGs – play nice in the sandbox. In essence, each gal is courteous and kind. We believe in the power of women helping women to be successful and understand that we are inherently nurturing and supportive.

We are INCLUSIVE meaning we allow more than one realtor, marketing person, jewelry gal, etc. We understand that this expands our resource and referral pool allowing us to do business with and refer to those gals with whom we have a connection… not having an obligation to engage with just one gal because she holds that category.

There are no dues. You only pay for what you find beneficial for your business. There are no restrictions. As mentioned, we allow more than one per category. There are no limits. You can come to as many or as few meetings as you’d like and take advantage of other opportunities like sponsor spotlight, marketplace, online listings, etc.

The Sample Agenda is to the left to give you an idea of the meeting flow.

*GOGs was founded December 2007, so there have been 169 months as of December 2021

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