Refund Policies

Refunds are typically not available for any purchases – meetings, marketplaces, sponsor spotlights, directory listings or calendar listings.

However, if you register for a MEETING and are unable to make the meeting, with notice of one week or more prior to meeting date, we may be able to: a) transfer your registration to a future month; or b) process a refund. Addtionaly, you are also welcome to sell or gift your registration to another gal. She would just check in under your name and take your menu selection. This is your best option if less than a week notice of you not being able to attend.

For MARKETPLACES, if you are unable to do the marketplace, with a 10 or more days notice, we will be able to move your marketplace to another month. There are no refunds. Less than 10 days notice, you may opt to sell your marketplace to another gal. You must let us know if you sell your marketplace by emailing shonna @ or texting 760-310-3827. 

For SPONSOR SPOTLIGHTS, once your photo/logo is posted online, there are no refunds. If you find you are unable to keep your sponsor spotlight, you may: a) have someone represent you, bring your materials to place at place settings, bring your sponsor giveaway, etc. (they must register for the meeting or take your space at the meeting if already registered); or b) let us know you can’t make it and that no one can come in your place within a week of the event date AND provide your printed materials or handouts, a write up on your business and your sponsor giveaway to us in Carlsbad no less than 3 days prior to the meeting date. 

For all other purchases from Good Ol’ Gals, there are no refunds. Transfers to another gal MAY be available depending on the situation. If you have questions, please email shonna @