Founder / Owner

*Shonna literally bleeding for the GOGs.
Captured in the photo below by Marcy Browe at the 2018 Holiday Luncheon.
“We love hugs at GOGs! Just don’t wear long-posted earrings,” Shonna advises.

Shonna Jordan is the current owner of Good Ol’ Gals Business Connections. If you read “The Story“, she was one of those four gals that met in late 2007 when GOGs got its name and its start.

A marketer by trade, Shonna owns North County-based marketing agency, Jordan & Jordan Marketing. Under that umbrella, she not only works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to craft or hone their marketing messaging, materials and strategies, but she produces annual business events like MegaBoom and runs GOGs as well.

Ms. Jordan is a dynamic speaker, presenter, emcee and soon-to-be-published author (under a pen name) and has a YouTube on screen personality (a sort of “alter ego” persona) launching this year.

Being one of those original four women, Shonna has never strayed from the philosophy and vision upon which the organization was founded… women helping women to be successful, collaboration not competition, providing a “y’all come”, warm, welcoming environment and play nice in the sandbox and has stuck with the original motto, “Together We’re Better!” Over time, she’s expanded upon those principles encouraging gals to embrace the social side of business, building the relationship, socializing and getting to know one another. “How can I support you?” vs. “What can you do for me?”

She pours her heart and soul (along with sweat and tears and even the occasional blood*) into this group and somehow manages to maintain her own marketing agency and pursue her other endeavors as well. “There’s not much that is more exciting to me than hearing about how a gal who’s come to GOGs grew her business, started a new business and more often than you’d think, found her new bff,” says Jordan, “it really is a labor of love with a paycheck of the heart!”