Good Ol’ Gals was conceived in Carlsbad, CA (North County San Diego) and is currently the ONLY meeting location in the United States.

Prior to the pandemic, there were three (3) locations throughout San Diego County all run by owner Shonna Jordan. Coming out of the lockdown, only the Carlsbad location was re-established to rebuild as the world “reopened”.

For years many have said, “When will there be GOGs in other cities and states?” and “This is too awesome and unique to stay local only”… and for years, we considered it; there just never seemed to be the right time… until now.

With a number of GOGs moving out of state and missing the “GOGs Experience”, we are now poised and positioned to begin licensing and opening up locations across the US!

If you are interested in opening your own GOGs location and being a “Location Leader”, we want to hear from you! Complete the short preliminary application and let’s talk about GOGs in your town!