The 2022 GOGs Gallery

CONGRATS to the 2022 Award Winners!

The GOGGIE Award Winners (L to R): Robyn Carlson – Social Superstar; Cindi Hardesty – Marketplace Maven; Heather Kent – Most Memorable Intro; Nancy DePaola-Brooks – Giveaway Goddess; Shonna – Mistress of Ceremonies; Elana Rheinhart- The Traveler; Betse Bernstein – Shoutout Shero; and Kaytee Sumida – Ticket Taker


Annual Awards (L to R): Elizabeth Carlson – Perfect Attendance and GOGs Team MVP of the Year; Jacquie Ingle – Raving Fan of the Year; Robyn Carlson – Perfect Attendance, Referral Gal of the Year and “Together We’re Better” People’s Choice Award Winner (TIE with Patricia Wingo); Amy Arends – Rising Star Runner Up; Diane Kershaw – Rising Star of the Year; Shonna – Mistress of Ceremonies; Patricia Wingo – “Together We’re Better” People’s Choice Award Winner (TIE with Robyn Carlson); Nancy DePaola-Brooks – “Together We’re Better” People’s Choice Award Runner Up; Stefanie Blue – There’s a GOG for That Award Winner; Cheryl Laymen – GOGs Team MVP Runner Up; and Kaytee Sumida – Perfect Attendance

Enjoy browsing through the GOG gallery albums!

November 2022

Theme: Harvesting Gratitude

October 2022

Theme: Spooktacular Spells

September 2022

Theme: Back-to-School Bonanza

August 2022

Theme: Dog Days & Leis: A Hawaiian Staycation

July 2022

Theme: Keep Your Fire Burning

June 2022 - Interactivity Month

Theme: Mid-Year Sun & Fun

May 2022 - The MAN PANEL

Theme: Beauty and the Biz!

April 2022 - The Friend-raiser!

Theme: Make it Rain!

March 2022

Theme: It’s SPRING! Are you feeling lucky?

February 2022

Theme: Who Loves Ya, Baby!

January 2022

Theme/Focus: Fresh Start, Bright Future

December 2021

Holiday Luncheon and Awards Reception

December 2021

Holiday Luncheon and Awards Reception