At meetings we do "Rapid Fire Upcoming Events and Offers"...  you can take that to the next level by having your event or offer listed on the GOGs Calendar!

The calendar will be promoted in monthly emails on social media and at meetings.

Your listing is on the main calendar. When a visitor hovers over the title, a pop up preview will appear. Each listing gets it's own page accessible by clicking the link in the calendar. Visitors can even subscribe to the calendar!

The anatomy of your event/offer listing
(See Gallery Image with Numbers)

  1. Event or Offer Title, dates/times, cost
  2. Your event photo (if you opted for that)
  3. Event description
  4. An ADD TO CALENDAR OPTION for the user (Add to Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook 365 or Outlook Live)
  5. An interactive map (if you included address)
  6. ALL THE DEETS: Event, Organizer and Venue
  7. DIRECT LINK to buy tickets, register, purchase or for more information


Calendar Listing – Event or Offer


50 characters max

Enter the Name of the location (ex: Abigail’s House) and if you want a map to appear enter entire address. Or just enter city/state/zip if you prefer.
If offer, leave this field blank.

Tell a bit about your event in 200 characters or less. Remember your link, contact info and event details will already be displayed, so this should be text like who should come, who the event is for, what attendees can expect, etc.

Leave blank if an offer. Type 0 if free/no cost to participate.

The email address will be obfuscated.

Leave blank if not opting for a photo

(max file size 100 MB)