March’s GOGs Meeting in Carlsbad was themed “Spring into Action” and included the option to bring a single stem flower for extra tickets in the raffle… we added each stem to the provided vases and then raffled off the three bouquets… just another example of how beautiful it is to come together!

The theme poster asked gals the question… “What is your favorite thing to clean?” and we wrote answers on the poster. A favorite answer was “My Plate!” LOL!

In our marketplace, we had: Cindi Hardesty with Rodan + Fields celebrating the company’s 15th Anniversary; Amy Arends with Live, Laugh, Love with Amy – showcasing her Amare Global line of products along with her energy healing sessions and other health and wellness services she provides; Nicole Douglas with ENJO California brought samples of her chemical-free, waste-free cleaning tools/products and was also our presenter!

Andreina Leal-Carrillo, owner of The Repair Tech, LLC, an applicance repair, maintenance and installation business, was our sponsor. In a typically male-dominated industry, Andreina explained that SHE was the one who “grew up” in the industry and brought her hubby into it… not the other way around like many assume 😉 She tossed out numerous pointers on doing regular maintenance… especially with our home HVAC filters and clothes dryers. Things we may not normally think of! And good to know that The Repair Tech services both residential and commercial appliances!

Remember we mentioned that marketplace Nicole Douglas was also our presenter? Well, she spoke on “Spring CLEARing: Clean Your Space, Clear Your Mind” and it was OUTSTANDING! She started by having us visualize our ideal home… and then asked by a show of hands how many of us imagined a cluttered space with dirt, and grime? We all chuckled… but what a great way to kick off a presentation filled with tips, tools and enlightening info about our living space, cleaning products, recycling and decluttering!

And for the first time ever, we had MERCH MONTH!

As for the amazing GOGs Team, on duty this month were Andreina Leal-Carrillo, April Jack, Diane Kershaw, Elizabeth Carlson, Heather Kent, Nikki Afetian, and Stefanie Blue!

Everyone was reminded about the opportunities with…

  1. The new GOGs online calendar… event or offer listing on the GOGs Calendar!
  2. Premium Directory Listing Perks
    CONGRATS to Elana Rheinhart for winning the premium listing special drawing to be featured next month!

Such a great meeting! Lots of connections and interactions and laughs, smiles and fun! Can’t wait to see what next month’s “Hop to It, Superhero “April meeting will bring!