In 2007, GOGs was founded and met at its first location, Bellefleur Winery, which had been at the Carlsbad Company Stores (as they were referred to at the time). In late December of 2014, after 17 years in business, Bellefleur unexpectedly closed its doors leaving many baffled and GOGs without a Carlsbad home. Green Dragon Tavern and Museum had JUST opened a few months prior and so we got in touch and began to meet there in January 2015. We met there until everything shut down due to COVID in March of 2020.

After a year of virtual meetings and having kept our finger on the “reopening” pulse, we were ready for in-person meetings in April… unfortunately, our home base (Green Dragon) was not. By stroke of luck, divine intervention or just good sleuthing, we found a place where we could meet indoors and still abide by the 25% capacity rule at the time! While planning for the “Gala” (what we dubbed our first in-person meeting back) in April, we also met with the event staff at Black Rail Kitchen + Bar in Carlsbad who were more than happy to have our group!

After alternating between our Gala location and Black Rail for the first 3 months back, we ended up making our home at Black Rail… including them graciously hosting our Annual Holiday Luncheon and Award Reception December 17, 2021. Our stay there was sadly short-lived as the costs were going to DOUBLE coming in 2022 and that just wasn’t an option for us. So, back to sleuthing.

After visiting multiple locations in the Carlsbad area, having specific criteria to meet, we met with the owners at Seafire Restaurant + Bar. They were delighted to have us for our monthly meetings and were so easy to work with from the first moment we talked. Within a day, we pulled the trigger! GOGs has a new home!