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Kaytee Sumida

JOAT Simplexities– beadwork and other artful crafts
Other San Diego CA Business Anniversary: May 16, 1997 Website: Simplexities
Photo of Kaytee Sumida


Condensed version: female. short. pudgy. scorpio, water dragon. california girl, born and raised. one husband, two sons, two dogs, lots of plant puppies.

and… i make stuff….

my stuff tends to be … eclectic… or maybe just weird, depending on your viewpoint. one of a kind pieces. simple ideas, complex execution or vice versa. or both. or maybe neither. sometimes they work– sometimes the bits get recycled/reused in something else. sometimes, the dogs get a new toy.
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I’ll be at the April Meeting Marketplace! Check my website, and if there is anything there in which you are interested, let me know, and I’ll bring it to the meeting.

All purchases at the meeting will be discounted by estimated shipping cost, and tax will be included.

Also coming up– Comic Con International Art Show! Don’t need no stinkin’ badges to attend the Art Show, which will be at the Grand Manchester Hyatt, July 20-23, 2023. Free entry to the Art Show, and most art will be for sale.

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